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揚げ出し豆腐 Agedashi-dofu


Deep fried tofu is called “揚げ出し豆腐 Agedashi-dofu” in Japan. read more… »

さつま揚げ Satsumaage


“What is satsuma?It is a old name of prefecture in Japan. read more… »

唐揚げ Karaage


It is a dish that to meat and the fish, puts up flour and potato starch, and fries in oil. read more… »

エビマヨ Ebimayo


“It is a dish to the prawn that burnt that dressed the source based on the mayonnaise. read more… »

餃子 Gyoza


The Gyoza is one of the typical “otsumami” suitable for the beers in the Izakaya.
It is a Chinese cuisine with which it introduces from China to Japan in the 1940′s, read more… »

フライ Ageru


“Ageru” is expressed by two kinds of expressions in Japan. read more… »

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