カキフライ Kaki furai


Kaki Furai “deep fried oyster” is one of the loved foods. But it is the food which likes and dislikes are divided into very much in Japan. read more… »

エビフライ Ebi furai


deepfriedshrimp“Ebi furai” the deep fried shrimp  is a king of the dishes in Japan. read more… »

ししゃも Shishamo


shishamoShishamo (Japanese: ししゃも) is a small fish as you see. This fish seems to be captured only near Hokkaido in Japan. In fact, I also learnt now. read more… »

鮭ハラス Salmon harasu


sakeharasuA salmon is very popular among grilled fish. Especially the Harasu (Japanese:ハラス), part of salmon, is paid attention in recently. read more… »

たこ唐揚げ Tako Karaage


takokaraageIt is a kind of a little unexpected karaage. read more… »

冷奴 Hiyayakko


hiyayakkoSoybean curd is another name for tofu, a product made from soybeans.


ナンコツ Nankotsu


nannkotsukaraageIt is chicken’s soft bone.

冷やしトマト Hiyashi tomato


tomatoHiyashitomato is cut cold tomato into bite-size pieces food that will be eaten without being cooked. read more… »

キムチ Kimuchi


kimchiKimuchi is Korea’s traditional fiery pickles.

きゅうりの浅漬 Kyuuri no asazuke


Cucumbers lightly preserved in salt or rice bran.
This the easiest way of pickling.

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