粉物 konamon


konamonKonamon is dish that mainly flour is used. read more… »

チーズフライ fried Cheese


friedcheeseThere are two kinds of cheese fries depending on the cooking method in izakaya. read more… »

鮭イクラ丼 Sake ikura don


sakeikuradonShakeIkura-don is fresh salmon and salmon roe on rice in a bowl. read more… »

トマトピザ tomato piza


pizza002A tomato pizza is, as it were, the basics of it. read more… »

サイコロステーキ Saikoro steak


saikorosteakSaikoro-steak that is a diced beefsteak roasted on a hot plate, achieves universal and steadfast popularity. read more… »

鉄板焼き Teppan yaki


teppan-yakiTeppan-yaki is the category of the Japanese style steak course. read more… »

牛 Ushi


beefBeef is popular as much as chicken in Japanese ranking of meat. read more… »

ピザ Piza


pizzaTo say the least of it, pizza is not the Japanese cuisine.
So do you know why it is added to standard menu of izakaya? read more… »

ホルモン焼き Horumon yaki


horumon“Horumon-yaki” is the best “Otsumami” in izakaya. In particularly, an izakaya chiefly serving Horumons is called “Horumon-yaki ya”. read more… »

ほっけ Hokke


hokkeThe king of grilled fish in izakaya, that is Hokke (Arabesque greenling). read more… »

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