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Welcome to “Izakaya folks”!

Izakaya folks currently provides izakaya search and reservation services through this websites.
Japanese language is very difficult. Especially the words relating the foods. And even if you can decipher the menu by some means, as for a popular and famous izakaya, the possibility of overcapacity is high.
In such cases Izakaya folks will be the help. And we really wish Izakaya folks assist your amazing food-experience in Japan.

How to proceed with booking request on our web site:

STEP01  Searching & choosing Izakaya

If you want to make a reservation, the first thing to do is to view Izakaya descriptions & their details. Please do not forget to check location of it. It can be done from the list where the izakaya are grouped according to the “Destinations”or “Tag” (left menu).

STEP02 Reservation request

When you choose Izakaya , please tell us by using “reservation request” form (“Reservation” page or in the “right menu”).


  • Please note the form only submits a request to us and does not guarantee your reservation.
  • Reservations should be made at least a week prior to your requested date.
  • We accept your request up to two months ahead.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email from us within two days, please tell us from Contact form.
  • If you filled invalid email address to the form, we cancel your request because we can’t contact you.Please be careful.

After the submission, you receive a confirmation e-mail .This email will include further instructions and information.

STEP03 Payment term

Upon receiving your on-line reservation request, Izakaya folks will send you an e-mail of the settlement from PayPal system (PayPal Email Payment) within 24 hours. Please follow the easy instructions on the Paypal system to make your payment. Reservation fee is only 13$.



  • Actual booking begins after the completion of your payment to PayPal.
  • If you don’t complete your payment three days prior to requested date, we will cancel your request.

STEP04 Booking term

The Paypal Inform us after your payment done successfully, then we will be the booking process. And the booking is completed, we will send you e-mail about your reservation contents.

And you can enjoy Izakaya experience!



You can use PayPal Email Payment.
See more about  PayPal Email Payment, visit their website.


We will refund upon receipt of the customer’s cancellation;

  • before we send an e-mail about completion of reservations to user
  • if we held no reservations that user has requested

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