焼き魚 Yakizakana


The Japanese is always eating the fish. Don’t you have such image? Yes, you’re correct.
The fishery is very active because all sides face the sea in Japan. And fortunately there are some rich fisheries near by.
So, fisheries have developed more than stock raising because the plain was few. As for the result, Japanese have eaten fishes a lot.
Because delicious meat is being imported all over the world now, the fish is not especially popular. But it might be reluctant even if it seems, “Eat too much” compared with other countries.

As the cooking method, boiling, grilling, and also smoking is good for fish. The fish becomes good quality preserved food if you makes it to the dried fish.
Because the fish that can capture it is different in every seasons, The Japanese naturally acquires knowledge of a variety of kinds of fish. The most delicious season to eat, the suitable method of cooking, a kind of taste, the notes when eating, and so on.
It is the same as the reason why the American becomes detailed to the barbecue.

It maight be lucky for the Japanese who could not help eating always the fish to have transmitted the culture of chopsticks from China. With the help of chopsticks, picking meat from a bony fish is much easier than you would do a roasted chicken with a fork and a spoon. The plate is very clean after the meal of the people who have superior skill of chopsticks. Me? My skill would be B-, I think.

Though it is not thought that it is easy to use it for overseas people, there is no tool that is appropriate for meal like this if it is accustomed to use it. When you come to Japan, don’t hegetate and try to use it! To accomplish anything, you need determination to take on a challenge up a difficult thing.


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