牛 Ushi


beefBeef is popular as much as chicken in Japanese ranking of meat.
Japanese have many brand of beef, and also has a special attatchment to beef.
We eat beef mainly the part of:

  • タン Tongue
  • 肩ロース chuck
  • リブロース rib
  • サーロイン sirloin
  • フィレ fillet
  • バラ breast
  • スネ foreshank
  • モモ brisket
  • ランプ Sirloin butt
  • テール Tail

and also eat their guts that is called “Horumon”. Each name is:

  • レバー liver
  • コプチャン  small gut
  • しまちょう  large gut
  • ハラミ outside skirt
  • ハツ heart
  • ミノ the first stomach
  • ハチノス the second stomach
  • センマイ the third stomach
  • ギアラ the forth stmach

We eat the almost part of beef!
My favorite is a liver and an outside skirt. Especially an outside skirt is incredible!

For your interest:
Cook’s Thesaurus: Beef


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