つけ麺 Tsuke men



Tsukemen is now extremely popular in Japan especially among young people.It consists of boiled noodles and richly flavored soup. The noodle and soup are almost the same as those of ramen. The difference between tsukemen and ramen is that the noodle and soup are served separately in the case of tsukemen. When you eat, you dip the noodles into the soup just like when you eat “ざるそば zaru-soba”.

Is it confusing for you?

Tsukemen was not in izakaya menu several years ago because it rose in popularity in a short time. In most tsukemen shop, you can order large portion of noodles for the same price as normal one. That is one of the reasons why it’s popular among young people.

Tsukemen is shared by several people in izakaya like ramen. Please try tsukemen in izakaya first, and then eat a large portion in tsukemen shop if you liked it.


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