煮込み Nikomi


Nikomi is stewed vegetables, often with meat or giblets.
Traditional Japanese food that has been passed down over generations. Hearty and very tasty.
Often in a soy sauce, sake, mirin, and other seasonings. The food cooked by boiling or stewing may easily enjoy various ingredients. ”肉豆腐 Niku-dofu” and “もつ煮 Motsuni” is famous in Izakaya. It separately introduces it.
Additionally, a Japanese style dish includes 「牛すじ煮込み Gyuusuji-nikomi」 “”the cow streak stew”" and 「Misonikomi-udon」 “”the miso stew noodle”", etc.(It is recommended to eat the miso stew noodle if you go to Nagoya. Because Nagoya is a cradle to it. )

There are pot-au-feu and a stew in the West. The food cooked by boiling or stewing does various changes with seasoning and the tool material. Please enjoy an infinite variation.


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