粉物 konamon


konamonKonamon is dish that mainly flour is used.
It is a name used calling generically “Tako-yaki” and “Okonomi-yaki” etc in Kansai region of Osaka and Hiroshima. There are three good points of Konamon. One is preparing easily, second is ingredients are cheap, last is the good taste. At the point of easiness, Konamon is second to none. This is an ultimate fast food in Japan.

Konamon is very popular not only in Kansai region but also in Tokyo. There are alot of Okonomi-yaki or Tako-yaki shop in downtown. Though manners are not so good, you can walk eating Tako-yaki. That will be good solution when you are a little hungry while you are taking a walk. But please be careful not to burn your tongue by the filling can be extremely hot.

The “Tako-yaki ya” in the city sometimes use ingredients not octopus, for example, beef, pork, shrimp, and konnyaku . I think that the best ingredient is octopus as I thought.

Oh, I feel like wanting to eat Tako-yaki because I have kept thinking of it…


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