餃子 Gyoza


The Gyoza is one of the typical “otsumami” suitable for the beers in the Izakaya.
It is a Chinese cuisine with which it introduces from China to Japan in the 1940′s, and it is familiar in Japan.

Flour is kneaded by water, and the skin of the dumpling is made. The ingredient that mixes meat and the vegetable is wrapped in that.  It cooks by various techniques.

In the main point,

YakiGyoza(Combustion dumpling)
The one that dumpling was burnt.Izakaya comes out almost most popularly in Japan by this style. Meat juicy with the skin of ..crispy.. texture matches and is suitable for the beers highest.

YudeGyoza(Boiled potstickers)
Dish to which dumpling was boiled with soup.Skin is a little thick. There are consistency of dough texture and it’s extremely satisfy

AgeGyoza(Deep-frying dumpling)
Dish to which dumpling was fried in oil. A crispy fragrant skin accelerates the speed at which the beer is drunk.

It is a caution needed only that eats before the date even if it is delicious very much!!
Because the smell of the leek and garlic is strong, the kiss might be refused. It is necessary to confirm no schedule of the next day morning if you wants to eat a lot.


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