ゴーヤチャンプル Goya champuru


The best of Okinawa dish. Go-yachanpuru is a famous dish in Izakaya now.
Do you know the meaning of Go-yachanpuru?



You are already a considerable Japanese expert if it knows. I think it is safe even if moving to other pages when animation below is seen.

Go-ya is a bitter gourd in the dialect in the Okinawa area in Japan. Please think that it is a skin of a bitter watermelon. The dialect named go-ya is more famous than the bitter gourd for the drama that becomes popular in Japan. Japananese have a weakness for fashion. So do I, of course.

Champuru is a dialect of Okinawa too. There seems to be a meaning of jumble up.
By the way, even if the dialect of Okinawa is a person in Okinawa, it seems to be a very difficult word.

The basis of seasoning is saltiness. It differs from the bean curd that puts in the miso soup, and used a special bean curd with a little moisture. The bitter gourd is very bitter according to the Izakaya. The bitterness of Goya can be suppressed bitterness by massaged with the salt or boiling it short with the hot water that a lot of salts enters.

Some People eat with vinegar and the hot sesame oil, Chanpuru the bean curd and the vermicellifine noodles,wheat-gluten bread besides Goya. Please try by all means because all are dishes very suitable for Okinawa.


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