チヂミ Chijimi


Chijimi is a dish of South Korea,  the country next to Japan.
It is a dish of  foreign countries ,but a friendly dish for the Japanese.
Because it is possible to buy the frozen food in the shops in Japan.

There is a smell of peculiar sesame oil to Korean food though looked like okonomiyaki. Moreover, the texture of the rice powder contained in the consistency of dough is Good.

It is standard in the material to use the Kimchi. Additionally, the seafood material such as squids and kites might enter.
I ate Chijimi that hung to the Italian style the cheese the other day. That was good anyway.

The sauce have an acid taste. It makes the sauce in which you put your Chijimi, is moderately sour. It helps make the taste simple and pure in addition to the good sticky texture of Chijimi. As for the dish of Asia, each dish has the feature, and there are a lot of common features, too.

If you love traveling,it might be interesting in eating the dish of each country and comparing. You might be made a millionaire when publishing it in the book bringing the content together in the blog.


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