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粉物 konamon


konamonKonamon is dish that mainly flour is used. read more… »

チーズフライ fried Cheese


friedcheeseThere are two kinds of cheese fries depending on the cooking method in izakaya. read more… »

鮭イクラ丼 Sake ikura don


sakeikuradonShakeIkura-don is fresh salmon and salmon roe on rice in a bowl. read more… »

トマトピザ tomato piza


pizza002A tomato pizza is, as it were, the basics of it. read more… »

サイコロステーキ Saikoro steak


saikorosteakSaikoro-steak that is a diced beefsteak roasted on a hot plate, achieves universal and steadfast popularity. read more… »

鉄板焼き Teppan yaki


teppan-yakiTeppan-yaki is the category of the Japanese style steak course. read more… »

ピザ Piza


pizzaTo say the least of it, pizza is not the Japanese cuisine.
So do you know why it is added to standard menu of izakaya? read more… »

ホルモン焼き Horumon yaki


horumon“Horumon-yaki” is the best “Otsumami” in izakaya. In particularly, an izakaya chiefly serving Horumons is called “Horumon-yaki ya”. read more… »

ほっけ Hokke


hokkeThe king of grilled fish in izakaya, that is Hokke (Arabesque greenling). read more… »

カキフライ Kaki furai


Kaki Furai “deep fried oyster” is one of the loved foods. But it is the food which likes and dislikes are divided into very much in Japan. read more… »

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