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ネギトロ巻き Negitoro-maki


Negitoro-roll is very present in Sushi-restaurant. Unlike Salmon-Zushi , Negitoro-roll is a roll-type Sushi. It has Negitoro at the center of it. read more… »

アイス Ice cream


ice001Of course there we’re offering sweet things that are very popular among women at the izakaya (Japanese bar). read more… »

杏仁豆腐 Annnin do-fu


Almond_jellyAlmond jelly is an incredible dessert that came from China. read more… »

サーモン寿司 Sa-mon sushi


salmonSalmon-Zushi is very popular in Japan.

豚炙り焼 Buta aburi-yaki


“Buta” means pork and “Aburiyaki” means grilling lightly in Japanese. The varied part of pork is used for “Buta Aburiyaki”. Pork shoulder, loin, side, and guts of it, too. read more… »

しめ鯖 Shime-saba


shimesabaThe mackerel is on a roll of the beautifully marbled with fat until a cold season read more… »

チーズピザ chizu piza


cheezepizzaIf the tomato pizza is the basics, a cheese pizza is an application. read more… »

牛鉄板焼き Gyu teppan-yaki


gyuuteppannA beefsteak for izakaya. It is treated as not elegantly but more casual than that prestigious restaurant do. read more… »

とんぺい焼き Tonpei-yaki


tonpeiTonpei-yaki is a kind of Okonomi-yaki made of sliced pork side and eggs. read more… »

ボンジリ Bonjiri


bonjiriIt is meat around the bone of chicken’s tail. read more… »

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